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Metal roofs

Nowadays, newer technologies are being introduced, which improves the quality of tin roofs.

Their popularity is also increased due to their greater durability than ever, as well as due to the improved appearance, because the aesthetics of the roof is very important.



The materials used for light metal roofing materials are:

  • steel,
  • cupper,
  • aluminium,
  • stainless steel

Steel roofing

The highest durability and quality, and at the same time the price is characterized by the sheets with sprinkles - mineral or ceramic.

An important advantage of this material is good acoustic protection, which is of great importance during heavy rain. Matt and rough surface in the winter prevents snow from sliding off the roof, while the finishing layer composed of rock aggregate, covered with acrylic resin with the addition of fungicides, protects the roof from overheating in the summer and against moss growing on the roof, algae and fungi. Cupcakes with sprinkles usually resemble ceramic pigments, wooden shingles or stone slates.


Their thickness,  varies from 0.5 to 0.6 mm, while their weight ranges from over 4 to about 7 kg / m2

(steel roofing is more than 10 times lighter than roofing made of ceramic tiles).
Due to the fact that the durability of a steel sheet is only about 30-50 years, special protective coatings are used. It can be concluded that coatings made of raw steel do not exist.

Copper roofing


Copper sheets are the most durable of all materials intended for roofing.

They can fulfill their functions even 300 years, because they are very resistant to harmful weather conditions, i.e. Corrosion. Their thickness is about 0.55 - 0.65 mm, while the mass oscillates around 5.0 kg / m2. In addition, copper sheets are characterized by flexibility and plasticity.

Titanium-zinc coatings


The titanium-zinc sheet is resistant to corrosion and its durability is estimated at approx. 80 years.

The thickness of zinc sheets is about 0.5-0.7 mm, while the weight ranges from 4.5 to about 6.0 kg / m².

Aluminum sheets


The covers made of aluminum sheets are the lightest of all tin roofing materials.

Their maximum weight is only about 3.0 kg, while the thickness varies from 0.6 to 0.7 mm. They are characterized by ease of machining, resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. An additional polyester coating increases the resistance to negative UV rays.

Profiled sheets


The main advantages of profiled sheets are their increased stiffness compared to flat sheets,

and thus greater resistance to deformation, as well as increased resistance to thermal elongation.

Steel roofing tiles


Roofing tiles are usually made of galvanized steel sheet, with Aluzinc and covered with plastic (polyester, pural, PVDF, plastisol).

There are also those that are covered with mineral or ceramic coating. Their task is to significantly improve the durability of the material. Embossments in this type of material are in the range of 37-57 mm (the greater the depth of pressing, the greater the stiffness of the covering).

Corrugated steel


The corrugated (folded) sheet is characterized by lightness, easy assembly and aesthetic appearance.

Usually it is made of galvanized and coated steel, zinc or aluminum sheet.

Trapezoidal metal sheet


It is usually made as galvanized or coated.

The depth of pressing trapezoidal sheets varies in the range of 18-115 mm, thanks to which they can obtain very high stiffness and resistance to deformation.

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