Aesthetics and functionality as well as the strength of the construction materials used are of great importance for every investment.

Thanks to the use of more and more modern products with higher endurance parameters, it has become possible to freely manipulate shapes and colors when designing the façade, whether on individual or industrial buildings. NORTIA PRODUCTS supplies materials for the most demanding customers to the construction site. The rich coloring of facade systems ensures the visual effect of the investment being created.

Facade products

Facade Cassettes


Aesthetics and functionality as well as the strength of the building materials used are of great importance for every investment.

Through the use of more and more modern products with higher endurance parameters, it has become possible to manipulate shapes and colors freely when designing façades, whether on individual or industrial buildings. The rich color range of the offered panels allows you to operate the visual effect and create elevations that stand out from the environment.

The production process and quality control system ensure high precision of workmanship, accurate dimensional maintenance, which significantly affects the accuracy and simplicity of assembly. As a production material, galvanized sheets with a thickness of 1 mm to 1.5 mm or aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1.2 mm are used. The fastening system has been designed so that, while maintaining durability and tightness of connections between individual elements, it is possible to keep the easiest possible easiness and speed of assembly.

Due to the large possibilities of individual adaptation of information regarding assembly and implementation of the project, the Investment Department is assisting and supervising any investment at all stages of its implementation.

Facade panels


The PS panel sill panels are an excellent product for wall and facade cladding of industrial and service buildings, supermarkets and warehouses.

It fulfills protective and decorative functions. It is characterized by a simple shape, which greatly facilitates quick assembly. An additional advantage is the ease of its processing and the availability of a large range of colors. This product characteristics ensures that the offer is adapted to a wide range of recipients taking into account their individual expectations.

The maximum length of the panel can be up to 8 meters, while the minimum can not be less than 1 meter. The thickness of the sheet from which panels are produced can be from 0.5 to 0.7 mm. For technological reasons, it is necessary to carry out assembly taking into account the convexity of the face of the panels in order to compensate for the resulting stresses. Lack of bulge can lead to the phenomenon of "waving" of the front face.

Aluminum blinds


The vertical blind shutter made of S / 84 panels snap-mounted on T / 30 or T / 45 mounting rails is used for building curtain or decorative elements.

Depending on the trawling machine used, the panels are inclined at 30 and 45 degrees, respectively. In the T / 30 system, the next panel overlaps the previous one, thanks to which it covers the space behind the buildings to a greater extent, whereas the T / 45 system is definitely more "openwork".

The S / 84 slats mounted on the T / 20 trowels are used for the construction of horizontal sunblind elements, so-called "Light breakers".

Elevation profiles


The need for constant improvement, searching for new architectural forms, suitable for the growing market demands, has become a source of inspiration not only for designers, but also for producers.

The materials used in the construction of the new facility can excellently emphasize its originality - a feature that today seems to be valued equally with functionality and durability.

Wavy profiles are modern shape and technology, combined with the traditional care of the company for the highest quality. Similarly to trapezoidal profiles, they are widely used, among others in the construction of residential houses, office and administrative buildings, warehouses and sports halls, and wherever apart from aesthetics, uniqueness and innovative shape count.

Aluminum panels


The OMEGA facade is a system of aluminum or steel panels fastened on "travertine" is an effective and modern façade finish.

Depending on the solution adopted, the slats can adhere to each other (Omega 100, 150, 200) or maintain a distance of 10 mm, emphasizing the slatted character of the façade (Omega 90, 140, 190). Panels can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally at heights up to 25 m.



ALUCOBOND® composite panels consist of two outer layers of 0.5 mm thick aluminum sheet joined together by an inner layer of plastic or ceramic. The product has a special varnish coating PVDF, which provides many years of resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation. ALUCOBOND® is produced in a wide range of colors ranging from solid colors to metallic colors (metal colors) to spectra colors, called chameleon, and wood-like and anodized colors.


  • Facade tiles provide a lot of freedom in the design of facades of any shape
  • Rich design and colors
  • Easy to form and process
  • Small specific weight
  • High rigidity
  • High resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation thanks to a special paint coat



  • Advertising boards and coffers
  • Pylons and wrappers at gas stations
  • Marking directions
  • Spatial constructions
  • Exhibiting
  • Point of sale decorations


  • As facade panels (residential buildings, public buildings, office buildings, shopping and recreation centers)
  • As a decorative element: columns, counters, ceilings, lighting systems, walls, partition walls, etc.
  • Buildings of peaks and attics
  • Buildings of balconies
  • Buildings of tunnels
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