The NORTIA PRODUCTS company comprehensively supports contractors and general contractors in the scope of delivering materials and assembly of individual elements of newly created buildings:

We work with reliable and reliable contractors with whom we have developed a perfectly functioning construction service model throughout the investments. Thanks to this, we approach each work we do individually and consistently thoroughly.

Housing construction is a priority for us, because we know that the most time should be devoted to these investments. It is the most demanding construction, because it is meant to serve people and people.

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Nortia Products s.r.o.

Holandska 878/2
639 00 Brno
tel: 773 300 312, 773 308 312

IČ: 04954921
DIČ: CZ04954921

Brno headquarters

Holandská 878/2, 63900 Brno
tel. +420 773 308 312, +420 773 300 312

Branch Kuřim

Blanenská 1997/103a, 66434 Kuřim
tel. +420 602 563 617

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